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Incorporating the Maritime Logistics Personnel Branch

Reunion 2015 - NOWRA


Full details of the Nowra reunion as follows:

a. Download Nowra Reunion Schedule of Events, accommodation and travel options from Sydney: Download here

b. Download 'PDF' registration Form. Download here.

c. Download 'Word' document registration form. Download here.

e. Complete this registration form AFTER you have paid your monies by direct deposit or online by credit card. Go to Registration Form.

f. If paying on line by credit card go to this link to order and pay. Go to Credit Card link.

g. If you are getting a coach from a motel, then you need to complete the attached form to inform us where you need picking up from. Go to transport Form here.

h. Table reservations for the dinner can be made here. Go to Reservations.

Asked Questions:

1. I have paid for transport do I need to advise you where to pick us up?

Yes - Please fill in the transport proforma under 'g' above - otherwise we do not know where to pick you up.