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Incorporating the Maritime Logistics Personnel Branch

item2For the purchase of goods for the via online credit card through Paymate.

How to use this:

Select the item/s you wish to purchase and enter the number you require
(ie 1- for self or 2 - if partner attending (if partner attending dinner is non-financial, then select one of each))

If you wish to add further items click on the 'continue shopping' and select the item you wish to include.

The bottom icon allows you to view what you have purchased and you can delete any item you decide not to include by pressing the 'rubbish bin' on the right. When you have completed your purchase click on checkout to complete the transaction

2018 Reunion Dinner Financial Members Only - COST $70 each

2018 Reunion Dinner non-Financial Attendees - COST $80 each

2018 Reunion Registration - COST $50 (Initial Deposit only by 28 Feb 18 - to count towards Meet and Greet when paying in full later. If paying in full now, do not add to cart.)

2018 Reunion Meet and Greet - COST $50 each

2018 Reunion Farewell Lunch - COST $40 each

Name Badges - COST $10 each (Financial Members only)

Name Badges - COST $17 each (Non-Members)

Review your purchases here before purchasing