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  1. Fleet units alongside Fleet Base East in Sydney.
    There’s a flurry of activity at Garden Island in Sydney as Fleet Units and support organisations busily prepare for the year ahead.
  2. Leading Seaman Maritime Logistics-Supply Chain Jarrad Tierney with some of his fire-fighting uniform at Fleet Base West in Western Australia. Leading Seaman Tierney has been a volunteer fire fighter since 1994 and is a member of the State Wide Operational Response Division.
    When more than 100 devastating bushfires were ravaging large parts of Queensland in December last year, one of those risking their lives to fight them was a logistics sailor from HMAS Stirling.
  3. ABATV Zara Fisk-Gibson, LCDR Sam Dale, POATV Aaron Little, Danielle Lam and ABATV Braedon McGuinness present The Shepherd Centre with a cheque for $10,300.
    As 2018 came to an end, 725 Squadron celebrated a big year of fundraising by donating more than ten thousand dollars to help children with hearing disabilities.
  4. Commanding Officer Young Endeavour, Lieutenant Commander Andrew Callander (right) poses for a photo with the Commanding Officer of Young Endeavour’s sister ship, KLD Tunas Samudera, Commander Saharudin Bongsu in front of STS Young Endeavour in Williamstown.
    When Commanding Officers of two sister ships come together, it’s common for them to share stories and compare their ships and the roles they perform.
  5. Commander Australian Fleet Rear Admiral Jonathan Mead presents Chief Petty Officer Mark Mobley with his Third Federation Star, marking 50 years of service with the Royal Australian Navy.
    In 1967 The Monkees were at the top of the charts, The Dirty Dozen was in cinemas, and teenager Mark Mobley from Blacktown joined the Royal Australian Navy for a career that would span over 50 years.